Meet Our New Young Fellows!

September 6, 2017

This August, FCNL happily welcomed our newest class of Young Fellows! Each year, a cohort of recent college graduates spend 11 months working with key staff members at FCNL to build expertise in advocacy from a public interest perspective.

The 2017-2018 class of Young Fellows is our largest ever, with nine Program Assistants! Read more about our wonderful new staff members below:

Abigail Stowe-Thurston

  • Program Assistant, Nuclear Disarmament and Pentagon Spending

Abigail advocates for policies that will reduce the role of nuclear weapons in US foreign policy. She is motivated by the idea that diplomacy is an effective way to address international tensions. Abigail believes in the power of constituent voices and is passionate about empowering individuals to hold their elected officials accountable.

Emmett Witkovsky-Eldred

  • Communications Assistant

Emmett Witkovsky-Eldred assists the Communications team with a particular focus on digital advocacy. His primary responsibility is to help write and edit FCNL’s various materials, including emails, website content, publications, and social media posts.

Leona Amosah

  • Program Assistant, Young Adult Outreach

As an FCNL Young Fellow, Leona works closely with Katie Breslin on young adult outreach. She assists Katie Breslin in recruiting, training, and supporting young activists all over the U.S. in an effort to galvanize grassroots activism on college campuses and in communities as a whole.

Marina Golan-Vilella

  • Program Assistant, Domestic Policy

Marina Golan-Vilella serves as a Program Assistant for Domestic Policy at FCNL. Marina works under José Santos Woss on mass incarceration issues and campaign finance reform (election integrity). She lobbies members of Congress for criminal justice reform, from police oversight to prisoner re-entry programs. Her responsibilities include researching legislator positions, writing policy briefs and updates, and conducting outreach to FCNL constituents.

Maya Ulin-O'Keefe

  • Program Assistant, Peacebuilding Program

Maya Ulin-O’Keefe was a FCNL Young Fellow from 2017-2018. With FCNL’s support she received a grant from the Pickett Endowment and Lyman Fund to spend six months in Rwanda working with the Friends Peace House in Kigali (Rwanda’s capital).

Michelle Beers

  • Program Assistant, Field Program

Michelle Beers works with the Quaker Field Secretary Christine Ashley on building relationships with Quaker and non-Quaker constituents across the country. Michelle helps empower constituents to be civically-minded and to advocate on the issues they care about by connecting them with pertinent and relevant resources and instructions about lobbying and faith-based action.

Scott Greenler

  • Program Assistant, Energy and the Environment

Scott helps lobby Congress to acknowledge man-made climate change and to act on climate change on a bipartisan basis. He helps FCNL track legislation and amendments relevant to climate change and create space for bipartisan efforts to address this pressing issue. Scott also works closely with coalition partners throughout the faith-based and environmental communities to create a unified voice calling our leaders to action.

Susan Nahvi

  • Program Assistant, Human Rights and Civil Liberties

Susan Nahvi advocates on behalf of FCNL in the area of Human Rights and Civil Liberties. She concentrates on several issues, including the Muslim travel ban, Islamophobia, and Syrian refugees. She writes articles that appear on FCNL’s website, lobbies members of Congress, and supports the work of Legislative Director Yasmine Taeb.

Thomas Raskin

  • Program Assistant, Middle East Program

Thomas Raskin is the Program Assistant for Middle East policy at FCNL, where he facilitates lobbying visits and manages constituent relations, working with supporters throughout the country to maximize the effectiveness of their nonviolent advocacy. As a liaison to FCNL’s partners, he also updates FCNL’s social media accounts and keeps other organizations apprised of FCNL’s latest efforts to foster diplomacy in the Middle East.

Work with FCNL Young Fellows Program 

Apply by February 18, 2019

Recent college graduates spend 11 months working with key staff members at FCNL to build expertise in advocacy from a public interest perspective. Applications are due February 18, 2019 for the program beginning in August 2018.