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Meet Face-to-Face to Stop Escalating War in Syria

April 7, 2017

Congress is in-district from April 7-24, and they'll be listening closely for your perspective on the recent attacks on Syria. Dropping by their office or going to a town hall is one of the best ways to make your voice heard.

Town Halls

At a town hall, constituents have an opportunity to ask a question directly of their members of Congress. This can be a powerful way to state your position and get your members of Congress to take a stand.

Sample Town Hall Script

The abhorrent chemical weapons attack in early April was an act of unspeakable violence against civilians and the perpetrators should be brought to justice. But the Trump administration’s missile attack against Syrian government airfields will not eliminate chemical weapons or end the bloodshed. After more than six years of war, with millions displaced and a death toll of nearly half a million people, the world should recognize that no military solution exists to this crisis.

A diplomatic solution is the only way to end the carnage in Syria, and it is crucial to leverage Russian and Iranian influence on the Syrian government. The U.S. must also press Gulf nations to use their influence with armed opposition groups in Syria to work for a diplomatic solution. A diplomatic solution is the only way to end the carnage in Syria,

I strongly oppose the illegal, reckless U.S. escalation of the war in Syria. Will you urge Congress to immediately debate and vote against U.S. war in Syria, and press for diplomacy to stop the killing?

Advocacy Resource Asking Questions at Town Halls 

Town halls are a great opportunity to hear directly from your member of Congress. Here are some tips to help you make the most of it.

Drop By Your Congressional Office

  1. Print a one-pager calling for Congress to stop the escalating U.S. war in Syria.
  2. Look up the closest office for your members of Congress.
  3. Pay your members of Congress a visit! No need to make an appointment -- just stop by during business hours and giving them the one-pager. Here's a sample script you can use once you get there.

Hi, my name is NAME, and I'm a constituent from CITY, STATE.

I'm stopping by to say that I'm concerned about the U.S. attacking Syria. I don't want to see us getting stuck in another war. Could you pass this document along to the right staff member for me and ask them to let me know your office's position?

War is not the answer.

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