1. Background

Legislative Priorities


By General Committee, November 22, 2014

The Friends Committee on National Legislation seeks to bring spiritual values and Friends’ testimonies to bear on public policy decisions. FCNL solicited the views and concerns of Quaker meetings, churches, and organizations around the country to help discern the following priorities for our lobbying and public education work during the 114th Congress (2015-2016)

  • Advance peacebuilding and the peaceful prevention and resolution of violent conflict

  • Reduce military spending and militarized responses to global and domestic situations

  • Promote nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation

  • Support solutions to mitigate and adapt to climate disruption

  • Reduce the influence of money in politics

  • Address poverty, reduce income inequality, and promote economic justice

  • Advance policies that reduce mass incarceration

  • Continue our witness and advocacy on Native American issues

  • Promote fair, humane and demilitarized immigration policies

FCNL’s work will be based on legislative opportunities, specific expertise, leadings, and available resources. In addition, The World We Seek (FCNL’s Policy Statement) gives FCNL the flexibility to respond to crises and to other important legislative opportunities, as way opens.

The General Committee calls upon its members and welcomes other Friends and like-minded people to work on these priorities. Many other deeply held concerns will continue to receive attention from individual Friends, monthly meetings and churches, yearly meetings, and other Quaker organizations. Working together to find solutions to complex problems, we find our spiritual experience deepening as we seek divine guidance, ask for renewed strength and act with hope.

General Committee

  • FCNL's Governing Body

FCNL is governed by a General Committee of approximately 180 Friends, the majority of whom have been appointed by 26 Yearly Meetings and seven national Friends' organizations.