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Important Vote Pending: Congressional Negotiations Could End or Prevent Three Wars

By Diana Ohlbaum, October 2, 2019

Right now, we have a unique opportunity to end two wars and prevent a new one from starting.

House and Senate negotiators are working on a final policy bill that will direct the Pentagon’s efforts over the next year. The House has already voted to act in their version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Now we need your members of Congress to ensure the final bill contains three key provisions to:

  • Prevent war with Iran: The Khanna-Gaetz amendment will prohibit funds for military action against Iran without explicit authorization from Congress.
  • Stop fueling the war in Yemen: Block U.S. participation in the Saudi-led war in Yemen by supporting the Khanna-Smith-Schiff-Jayapal amendment.
  • End the authorization for war with Iraq: Support the Lee amendment to repeal the 2002 Iraq Authorization for the Use of Military Force.

Your representative can insist that this language remain in the final NDAA, but only if they hear from you. Act now for peace!

Letter Bipartisan Group Urges Congress to Prevent War Through NDAA 

Progressive and conservative advocacy groups are united in calling on Congress to make ending and preventing war a top priority in the FY 2020 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

Diana Ohlbaum

  • Senior Strategist and Legislative Director for Foreign Policy

Diana Ohlbaum directs FCNL’s foreign policy lobbying team and leads an effort to replace the current U.S. foreign policy paradigm of military domination and national superiority with a more ethical and effective one based on cooperation and mutual respect.