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Advance Meaningful Reform, Not Endless Enforcement

Congress has a choice on government spending. President Trump requested billions to hire more immigration enforcement and border patrol agents, permanently expand immigrant detention, further militarize bi-national and indigenous border communities, and build additional wall along the southern border. We call upon Congress instead to develop bipartisan, comprehensive reform that will offer lasting and real solutions on immigration.

Oppose funding any expansion of immigration detention, deportation agents, and border militarization.

  • Congress should invest in long term solutions rather than endless enforcement. Any additional funding for agents, detention beds, and border militarization means permanent, expensive changes to the immigration enforcement machinery and billions of dollars spent without addressing the problem: a punitive, outdated immigration system.
  • Congress must act. Only Congress has the power to meaningfully reform U.S. immigration policies to be just, welcoming, and equitable.
  • Increasing endless enforcement comes at the expense of robustly funding critical programs. Education, housing, and nutritional assistance programs promote public safety and alleviate poverty. Poverty-focused international assistance reduces the need for people to have to migrate. Congress has an opportunity to ensure that billions of dollars are not wasted, and instead invested in our collective future.

FCNL Contact: Hannah Evans | hannah@fcnl.org

Compassionate Immigration Reform

The Friends Committee on National Legislation is led by the call to welcome the stranger and seeks congressional immigration reform that recognize the gifts, contributions, and struggles of immigrants to ensure equity and justice for all.

Effective immigration reform should include measures that:

  • Keeps families together
  • Brings accountability and community engagement to border policies
  • Creates a path to lawful status and citizenship
  • Protects all workers, regardless of immigration status
  • Aligns immigration enforcement with humanitarian values
  • Preserves the human and civil rights of all immigrants
  • Ends mass incarceration of immigrants
  • Upholds international and U.S. law obligations to protect refugees, asylum seekers and survivors of human trafficking