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Hours to Protect Health Care

By Amelia Kegan, March 21, 2017

All 435 representatives are preparing to vote on whether to end the Medicaid program as we know it and repeal the Affordable Care Act. Call your members of Congress today to urge them to vote no on the American Health Care Act.

Thank you!

Your advocacy protected the Affordable Care Act. Now hold your senators accountable for their votes.

Call your senators

Your message will amplify the voices of the 400 young adults who lobbied as part of FCNL's Spring Lobby Weekend. They shared their personal experience of the lifesaving benefits of federal programs to help people and families with low incomes access basic necessities. Will you join them?

Aurelio Anderson, one of the young adults who lobbied, knows how access to health care can be a matter of life or death. A student from Tallahassee, FL, he was recently diagnosed with cancer. Luckily, he was able to get the treatment he needed -- but now he wonders whether his diagnosis will affect his ability to get health care in the future.

Aurelio told his story in lobby visits with his Florida members of Congress, urging them to protect access to health care.

When representatives vote on the American Health Care Act, they'll be deciding whether to approve legislation that would ultimately leave as many as 24 million people without health insurance and cut the Medicaid program by $880 billion. At Spring Lobby Weekend, I heard over and over again that health care and other federal programs aren't just abstract policies to people like Aurelio - they're deeply personal. These young people are acutely aware that it will take years, if not generations, to restore safety net programs like Medicaid and SNAP if they’re gutted now.

Affordable health care should be available to everyone. Yet congressional leaders want to dismantle the network of federal programs that defray health care costs for millions of families, including some of the most vulnerable people in our communities.

Congress is moving fast to push Medicaid cuts through. Urge your members of Congress to vote no on the American Health Care Act.

Amelia Kegan

  • Legislative Director, Domestic Policy

Amelia Kegan leads the domestic policy team's work in analyzing legislation, advocating on Capitol Hill, and developing legislative strategy. Prior to coming to FCNL, Amelia worked at a variety of other national non-profits in D.C. and Chicago, focusing on federal budget, tax, and low-income policy.