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Harmful Tax Plan Moving Quickly

By Amelia Kegan, November 9, 2017

The tax plan pushed by congressional leadership is moving a breakneck speed through Congress. This legislation would balloon the country's deficits by giving away massive tax cuts to wealthy individuals and corporations while threatening to make life more difficult for families and individuals struggling to get by.

We can’t afford – fiscally or spiritually – to pass a massive tax cut for millionaires and leave struggling families behind.

The plan actually increases taxes on low- and moderate-income families over time. And how will Congress respond to the higher deficits and debt? By cutting Medicaid, Medicare, SNAP (food stamps), education, environmental protection, international peacebuilding, and other fundamental priorities.

The House is expected to vote next week on this bill, and the Senate is moving quickly on similar legislation.

On Thursday night of FCNL’s Annual Meeting, Sister Simone Campbell told more than 400 gathered Quakers and friends: “This tax fight is for the soul of our nation… We have lost sight of the fact that can't do this alone, that we, the people, need to do this together, that to survive requires collaboration, relationship, engagement.”2

At FCNL, we often say that taxes are the cost of the common good. But it goes beyond that. Taxes are the cost of the foundation we must lay for our children and grandchildren – the schools they will learn in, the streets they will walk on, and the health and safety systems they will rely on. Taxes are what we all contribute to create a community where every person’s potential may be fulfilled. This House proposal takes our tax code and our country in the wrong direction.

This tax plan is moving fast. There is enormous pressure on Congress to pass this as soon as possible. Your members of Congress need to hear from you today.

Our country’s strength is measured by more than corporate profits and the stock market numbers. It’s economic security and opportunity for American families. This tax plan will make it even harder for most families to get ahead. The additional $1.5 trillion in deficits will threaten our country’s fiscal future and so many of the federal services and priorities that enable children and families to get ahead and make a better future.

Amelia Kegan

  • Legislative Director, Domestic Policy

Amelia Kegan leads the domestic policy team's work in analyzing legislation, advocating on Capitol Hill, and developing legislative strategy. Prior to coming to FCNL, Amelia worked at a variety of other national non-profits in D.C. and Chicago, focusing on federal budget, tax, and low-income policy.