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Giving Tuesday Challenge: I Hope You'll Join Me

December 3, 2019

This Giving Tuesday, please join me—a sustainer and 2017-18 Advocacy Corps alumnus—in becoming a monthly donor. I'm supporting the FCNL Education Fund today, because its training and research directly benefits advocates like you and me.

What You Can Do Next

Please make a gift to invest in the change that FCNL’s lobbyists and activist network will bring about in 2020.

Donate Now

Raising money is critical—developing advocacy programs costs money—and monthly sustainers are the best way to ensure that the funds for our work are there when they’re needed.

I became a sustainer right out of college to remain connected to a faith community that was speaking up for social justice. Working with FCNL as an Advocacy Corps member really reinforced my commitment. I saw how my support helped create change in public policy, and in the lives of other young adults. I've given continuously for almost 10 years, and it's helped me stay connected and grounded. It’s easy to adjust the monthly amount depending on my circumstances—anyone can give, wherever they are in their life.

Today, FCNL is challenging us to recruit 50 new monthly donors to support training for future activists. Please join me by clicking here to become an FCNL Ed Fund monthly sustainer. Thank you for all the work you do.

Jonathan Crisman

  • Advocacy Corps Alumnus, Sustainer since 2010

Jonathan Crisman is a 2017-18 Advocacy Corps alumnus. He is an artist and urban scholar who works at the intersection of policy, participatory culture, and spatial justice.