1. Background

Financial Assistance for Spring Lobby Weekend

FCNL offers a limited amount of financial assistance to young adults. Applications for financial assistance will be open until March 2 or until our financial aid budget is exhausted, whichever comes first.

This assistance is based on a combination of factors including need, travel costs. housing costs (FCNL has limited housing available for $50/night) and responses to the questions in our financial assistance surveys. Award amounts are specific to each person.

Because Spring Lobby Weekend is already a costly event for the organization, we ask that all applicants first look into receiving financial support from other sources, including their meeting, church, school, family, etc. before appealing to FCNL.

Please note that due to the limits of our budget and our desire to stretch funding as far as possible, we give a strong preference to group financial aid over individual financial aid. Additionally, preference is given to groups and individuals who also pursue outside fundraising in order to stretch our budget to as many people as possible.

For questions, please contact Annie Chiorazzi at annie@fcnl.org.

Financial assistance forms: