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Want to join a community of advocates committed to changing the world for the better? Want to lobby Congress using FCNL’s effective tools and resources? Join FCNL Meetups!

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Grassroots Advocacy Changes the World

At FCNL, we believe that anyone can be an effective citizen lobbyist no matter your background, schedule or location. FCNL has been working with grassroots communities for years, and the movement focused on peace, equity, justice and an earth restored is only growing stronger.

FCNL Meetups is hosting a monthly call where you can hear the latest Capitol Hill updates from FCNL policy experts, get the inside scoop on how to be an effective advocate and learn more about FCNL’s many opportunities to get even more involved with deep lobbying to drive change. To join the monthly call, sign up here!

How Will You Change the World?

  • You will learn how to most effectively lobby your members of Congress.

  • You will hear about the latest opportunities to take meaningful action.

  • You will help to grow a grassroots movement focused on peace and justice.

Act Now & Make a Difference

What issues do you care about most? Choose from the legislative asks below to easily lobby your members of Congress!

FCNL Meetups June Action:

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Lobbyists aren't just professionals on Capitol Hill. Working with FCNL, hundreds of people are building relationships -- and influence -- with their members of Congress.

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