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End Systematic Abuse of Palestinian Youth in Israeli Military Detention

H.R. 4391

November 20, 2017

Rep. Betty McCollum (D-MN) has introduced legislation that would prevent U.S. tax dollars from funding human rights abuses against Palestinian youth held under Israeli military detention. The bill would:

Prevent U.S. funding for systematic abuse of Palestinian youth in Israeli military detention. Co-sponsor H.R. 4391

  • Prohibit U.S. funding for human rights violations perpetrated against Palestinian children held in Israeli military detention.

  • Require a certification from the Secretary of State that Israel has not used U.S. assistance in the previous year to facilitate the mistreatment of Palestinian youth. If the Department of State cannot make such a certification, it must report in detail the amount of funds used by Israel in violation of this prohibition.

  • Express support for ending the widespread human rights violations endemic in the Israeli military detention system, and support a system that affords Palestinian youth the protections guaranteed under international law.

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