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Elections 2020

January 2, 2020

As Quakers, we have worked to influence government for almost as long as there have been Friends. This year, we encourage you to use the 2020 elections to talk to your neighbors about the priorities of our FCNL community, reach out to political candidates, ask them questions, and influence their agendas.

Celina Tijerina, 2018 Arkansas Advocacy Corps Organizer, with "I Voted sticker"

Celina Tijerina, 2018 Arkansas Advocacy Corps Organizer.

What candidates hear during the 2020 election season will shape public policy for years to come.

How we ask the questions is equally important. Our tone in asking questions and the respect with which we listen to the response make a difference in whether candidates – or even our neighbors – see us as adversaries or people seeking solutions. Even when we disagree with a candidate’s perspective, personally engaging in a civil exchange, can leave the door open for future conversation and transformation.

The challenges facing our country won’t be solved by one election— but the way you take part in our democracy during the election makes a difference in how those problems will be solved.


Background Effectively Engaging Election Candidates 

Elections 2020

As the November 2020 election approaches, political candidates are hosting town halls, talking to voters, and listening more closely to constituents.

Background Questions for Candidates  

Elections 2020

The 2020 elections will lay the groundwork for FCNL’s advocacy for peace and justice in the next two years. FCNL is a nonpartisan organization. We encourage you to raise FCNL’s legislative agenda by asking candidates any of the following questions:

Background Faith, Elections, and our Democracy  

Elections 2020

Active and informed citizen participation in the political and electoral process is essential to the proper functioning of government. - The World We Seek: FCNL Statement of Legislative Policy

Update Five Reasons You and Your Friends Should Vote 

Do you remember the 2016 election? With two candidates that had seemingly nothing in common and almost opposite policies, there was a lot at stake.

Presidential Candidates and Their Views on Our Issues

During the 2020 elections, we are engaged with two coalitions to secure videos from presidential candidates answering questions based on our legislative policy.

Through the Circle of Protection, we asked candidates in the last three presidential elections about their solutions to hunger and poverty. The Circle of Protection is composed of heads of Christian denominations and agencies, such as the Friends Committee on National Legislation, The Salvation Army, The Episcopal Church, and the National Latino Evangelical Coalition.

This year, we also partnered with more than 24 organizations to interview 2020 presidential candidates on the how they would engage with the world as the next U.S. president. Aside from FCNL, the U.S. in the World partnership includes Oxfam, MoveOn, Win without War, the American Jewish World Service, and the International Rescue Committee.

The Questions:

Circle of Protection: As president, what would you do to offer help and opportunity to poor and hungry people in the U.S. and around the world? Watch the 2020 presidential candidates answer the question.

U.S. in the World: How would you engage on the world stage as the next president of the United States? See the 2020 presidential candidates answer this question.

As the 2020 elections gather momentum, please check these sites regularly for the latest videos.