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Breaking: The House Just Voted to Promote Peace

By Theo Sitther, July 18, 2018

Great news! Last night, the House of Representatives passed the Elie Wiesel Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act with overwhelming bipartisan support!

This is a major step forward for the peaceful prevention of deadly conflict. After years of persistent lobbying, we are so close to passing this important bill into law. But we can't stop now, and we need your help.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee recently passed a similar bill, but the full Senate has yet to vote on it. Tell your senators to join their colleagues in the House in supporting conflict prevention.

The world feels consumed by crisis and violence. And the U.S. bears much of the blame, thanks to years of ballooning military spending and foreign interventions. But this bipartisan bill shows the promise of a better way forward. By voting for the Elie Wiesel Act by an astonishing margin of 406-5, the House just acknowledged that the U.S. can save lives and money by using peaceful tools to prevent and respond to violence. 

Thank you for all you have already done to support a more peaceful world. Now, will you build on that work by making sure the Elie Wiesel Act becomes law?

Theo Sitther

  • Consultant, Advocacy Teams Trainer

As an Advocacy Team Trainer, Theo provides teams with extra support to be strong communities and advocates.