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August Recess: A Time for Action

Congress is home - “Drop-by" & make your voice heard!

Every member of Congress is home from August 2-September 9. There’s no better time to drop-by local congressional offices to advocate for the policy issues that you care about. FCNL is here to support your advocacy!

Follow these steps to prepare for your drop-by visits:

1. Find Your Local Offices

2. Lobby on Your Issue

3. Download the August Action Checklist

4. Report Back to FCNL

Have questions? Email us at AugustAction@fcnl.org

Why August Recess Matters

Download the Drop-by Visit Checklist & Sample Script

  1. August Recess Drop-by visit sample script (pdf, 281 KB)

At FCNL, we hear from members of Congress all the time that your emails, calls and other communications make a difference. But congressional staff tell us that visits to congressional offices in states and districts for even 5 or 10 minutes can have a lasting impact. You can be an effective advocate, no matter your background, schedule or location.

Our Goal for August Recess

What members of Congress do in the fall will depend in large part on what they hear when they are home for the August recess – which is why we need 300 advocates visiting local congressional offices before recess ends on September 9. Excited to get started? Click here to download the Drop-by Visit Checklist & Sample Script!

What You Need for Your Drop-by Visit

What issues do you care about most? Choose from the issues below to download and print the leave behind to give to staff in your local congressional office. Don't know where the closest congressional offices are? No problem! Go to this link, enter your zip code, and find out!

Report on your drop-by visit 

Let us know how your drop-by visit went!

How We Advocate: Learn More and Get Involved

Advocacy Tools & Programs 

Lobbyists aren't just professionals on Capitol Hill. Working with FCNL, hundreds of people are building relationships -- and influence -- with their members of Congress.

Not sure how to get started?

How can FCNL support your advocacy? 

We’re here to empower you to advocate on the issues you care about. Please take a moment to let us know how we can support your advocacy.