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Annual Meeting and Quaker Public Policy Institute 2018

November 28-December 2, 2018 in Washington, DC

Prophetic. Persistent. Powerful. As FCNL celebrates our 75th year, join Quakers and friends for four days of community, celebration, and advocacy.

Five people meet with Rep. John Lewis in front of the Capitol

Jose Woss / FCNL

Your voice. Our power.

Annual Meeting & Quaker Public Policy Institute

Join us in Washington, DC this November

Learn. Lobby. Lead. As FCNL enters our 75th year, join Quakers and friends for four days of community, celebration, and advocacy.

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Be a part of the 75-year legacy of prophetic, persistent, and powerful Quaker advocacy. Join FCNL November 28-December 2, 2018 for Annual Meeting and the Quaker Public Policy Institute.

Just weeks after voters elect a new Congress, join us to

  • Lobby to advance peace and justice.

  • Establish FCNL’s lobbying priorities for the upcoming congressional session.

  • Celebrate FCNL’s 75-year history and look forward to the next decades of our work together.

  • Hear from exciting and inspiring speakers – policy experts, faith leaders, and more – about how you can engage your community for policy change in the coming year.

  • Worship together and make new connections with committed people from across the country.

Quaker advocacy has never been more important. We hope you’ll join us.

Registration Deadline

Online registration closes November 16. Same-day, in person registration will still be avaible during the event.

Overview of Events:

Where will the event take place? Where should I stay?

Who will be there?

We anticipate about 450 people from across the country. Some will be Quakers, and some will be people in the FCNL community who share our values and policy goals. All are welcome!

We are thrilled that Ruth Flower, FCNL’s former associate executive secretary for legislative program, will be speaking our Quaker Public Policy Institute and Annual Meeting on Thursday evening November 29th.

Ruth Flower

  • Annual Meeting 2018 Keynote Speaker, Consultant, Native American Policy

Ruth leads FCNL’s lobbying, education, and coalition work as our consultant on Native American issues. She leads a coalition of faith groups who lobby on issues such as funding for tribal schools, support for “healing” justice systems, protection of religious and cultural rights, and support for tribal governance authority.

Ruthie Tippin

  • Annual Meeting 2018 Worship Leader

Ruthie Tippin is a recorded Friends minister. She has served in pastoral ministry in West Branch, IA and most recently at First Friends Meeting in Indianapolis, IN. Now retired, Ruthie continues to serve Friends in various ways as a retreat speaker, worship leader, writer, and encourager to pastors, meetings/churches and their members. Prior to pastoral ministry, Ruthie was an elementary music teacher and has a Master’s Degree in Education with emphasis in Creative Arts in Learning. She and her husband Jon have two children and three grandchildren… Ella, Ben, and Conor.

What will we be lobbying on?

As our community comes together to lobby in November, the House and Senate will be attempting to reconcile competing visions of food assistance in our country. This year 400+ people will come together to bear witness in support of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) will make a critical difference.

Amid increasing income and wealth inequality in our country, Congress should make it easier for people living in poverty to meet their most basic needs. Our community needs to act to make sure that the over 40 million people who benefit from SNAP can keep putting food on their tables.

What else will happen during the meeting?

  • Wednesday will offer early-bird training and registration as well as some pre-conference programming including Advocacy Teams programming. Attendance on Wednesday is optional.

  • Thursday will focus on learning about the issue you’ll be lobbying on and planning your visit with others from your area.

  • Friday is when most people will lobby. Beginning Friday evening, the focus of the event shifts to governance of FCNL.

  • Saturday focuses on the business of governing FCNL. We will hear committee reports and consider legislative priorities, the organization’s budget, and proposed changes to its bylaws. Alternative programming will be available for those not participating in these business sessions. Saturday evening, we will celebrate FCNL’s 75th anniversary.

  • Sunday wraps up the governing decisions. We will worship together before the meeting ends at noon.

Can I come just for the lobbying?

Yes! Register for the Quaker Public Policy Institute to participate just on Thursday and Friday. (If you will be at the event for the entire 4 days, please register for Annual Meeting. That registration includes the lobbying as well as Quaker business sessions, workshops, and meals on Saturday and Sunday).

How much does registration cost?

We offer a sliding scale of registration rates so that Annual Meeting is accessible for as many people as possible. We encourage those with the financial means to do so to pay the full rate.

Registration costs for Annual Meeting (Wednesday-Sunday, includes both

the lobbying and business sessions).

  • Benefactor rate:$600 (covers the majority of the cost of attendance)

  • Early Bird (through 11/09): $450

  • Regular rate (after 11/09): $495

  • Reduced rate: $350

  • First-time attenders: $295

  • Young adult attenders (ages 18-30): $295

Registration for the Quaker Public Policy Institute (Wednesday-Friday at 3pm, includes the lobbying)

  • Early Bird (through 11/09): $125

  • Regular rate (after 11/09): $150

  • Reduced rate: $50

Do you offer financial assistance?

We offer some financial assistance for members of the General Committee and young adults (ages 18-30). See more information here.

When does the early bird rate expire?

Friday, November 9 at midnight.

May I pay by check?

Yes. Please complete the first step of the registration process, fill out the information and select the “pay by check” option, print the form and mail it with your check to:

FCNL, Attn: Annie Chiorazzi
245 Second Street NE
Washington, DC 20002

Other Questions?

Visit our FAQ page.

See answers to more questions, or contact:


Save the dates!

  • Annual Meeting 2019: Weds Nov 13-Sun Nov 17
  • Annual Meeting 2020: Weds Nov 11-Sun Nov 15