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Annual Meeting 2018: Advocacy Teams Summit

By Shoshana Abrams, December 6, 2018

On Wednesday, November 28th 80 advocacy team members from 25 states, 41 teams gathered together to learn and build relationships across the country.

Group photo from our Advocacy Teams Summit at Annual Meeting 2018

Jennifer Domenick

Diana Ohlbaum, FCNL’s Director of Foreign Policy, lead us through an online toolkit that she created for congressional staffers. This toolkit will help advocacy teams design their own asks by better understanding all the ways congressional offices can act. Look at the resource here.

Advocacy Teams then grouped by how supportive their member of Congress usually is (Sometimes, Always, Never) and designed asks based on the toolkit. We had some great roleplays performed at the summit.

Advocacy Teams Summit Role Play Annual Meeting 2018

Jennifer Domenick

We had a warm welcome from Diane Randall, FCNL’s Executive Secretary. She talked about the 5 C’s of Advocacy Teams. Conviction, Courage, Curiosity, Commitment, and Community.

The second half of our summit was dedicated to our Team Health conversations.

1) Redefining success. With advocacy, progress is slow, victories are hard won and coming together with persistent dedication is a necessity. I suggested we start to frame conversations around success by answering these questions:

  • Name a time when you learned something as a team?
  • Name a time when your team felt connected?
  • Name a time when you felt proud of your team?
  • Name a time when your team felt impactful?
  • How can asking your team these questions help us redefine our narratives around success?

I encourage all teams to have this conversation and to start to think about redefining success on these terms.

Advocacy Teams Summit Laughing Annual Meeting 2018

Jennifer Domenick

2) Outreach. We are always looking to invite new people into our work. Sarah Freeman-Woolpert, Advocacy Team’s trainer, walked us through a worksheet designed to help teams think about how to reach new people and what the messaging should be.

  • Complete the worksheet for your team.
  • Sarah’s best practices
    • Network with Other Groups
    • Make New People Feel Welcome
    • Outreach Events with an Action Element
    • Have an Outreach Person on Each Team
    • Follow Up
      People: Nancy Houston at Advocacy Teams Summmit Annual Meeting 2018

      Jennifer Domenick

      Mark your calendars for our next Annual Meeting and Advocacy Teams Summit, Nov. 13-17, 2019.

Shoshana Abrams

  • Advocacy Teams Manager

As FCNL’s Advocacy Teams Manager, Shoshana Abrams is responsible for deepening and expanding our Advocacy Teams program, a network of hundreds of Quakers and friends lobbying to build congressional champions for peace and justice.