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Advocacy Teams Summit

Online | November 13, 2020

By Shoshana Abrams

Join us on Nov. 13 for the Annual Advocacy Teams Summit – this year held virtually! We will look at the incredible work we have accomplished together, build our community, and plan for an impactful 2021 after what is sure to be a consequential election year.

In 2018, FCNL's 97 Advocacy Teams logged 286 lobby visits and published nearly 200 letters to the editor around the country. Left to Right: Elinor Steffy, Delcy Steffy, Cindy Fowler

Jennifer Domenick

Over the past five and a half years, the number of Advocacy Teams has grown from just seven to over 120, with teams in 42 states and over 2,000 advocates getting involved.

We are successful for a reason. Join us as we celebrate, evaluate, and build on this incredible network.

AT Summit Schedule

The 2020 FCNL Advocacy Team Summit’s theme is "Spirit-led Power Building." The Advocacy Teams play an integral role to FCNL’s model of changing public policy. In the first hour, you can choose one of three workshops which explore important aspects of power building. In the second hour, we will all come together to share what we’ve learned. We will celebrate all we’ve accomplished in the five years of the Advocacy Teams program, and Rep. Ro Khanna (CA-17) will share his thoughts how far we’ve come this year!

7:00- 7:50 p.m. EST - Workshops (CHOOSE 1):

  1. Building Community to Build Power - Building power starts with building numbers. We will have a much bigger impact if we can engage more people in this work, and it’s not as scary/hard/impossible as you think!
  2. Building Power with your Members of Congress - Explore what it means to build power and influence with members of Congress by understanding what drives their decision-making, who they listen to, and how we could frame our message to better speak to their concerns. Advocacy teams are moral beacons to their members of Congress as we push them to advance peace and justice through legislative action.
  3. Tools and Tactics to Build Power - How can advocates use strategic and creative tactics to build power, both in the local community and with Congressional offices? Diverse tools and tactics allow us to strengthen our impact on legislation, while drawing on the unique skills of each team member.

8:00-9:00 p.m. EST - Main Session

Who should attend?

Any current member of an FCNL Advocacy Team is invited to take part!

If you are not part of an Advocacy Team and want to find out more, fill out this form and we'll be in touch.

Why Come to the Advocacy Teams Summit?

Sara Avery, Boulder, CO Advocacy Team:

I wonder if anyone else has this experience. I post pictures of a lobby visit or share my LTE, gushing about how much easier and more fun this is than I ever expected, hoping more of my friends will catch the advocacy bug. I always get lots of thank yous, but rarely anyone asking how they can become a citizen advocate. I admit that this sometimes makes me frustrated and sad.

So, being in a room full of people at the AT Summit who are at least as committed and enthusiastic about advocacy as I am...I almost can't put into words how wonderful, encouraging, and supportive that is. It's like a great big, warm advocacy hug. As I said at the end of the Summit, I have not had or felt drawn to a spiritual community since I left the Episcopal Church 25 years ago. But with the AT network, I have found my spiritual community, a group of like minded friends, with both capital and lowercase Fs, working together to bring about the world we seek. I am so grateful to each of you for making this commitment with me.

Advocacy Teams Summit Group work Annual Meeting 2018
Advocacy Teams Summit Group work Annual Meeting 2018

Delcy Steffy, Sacramento, CA Advocacy Team:

I think what I am bringing back to my team are possibilities. Possibilities that come from being part of a larger community and all of the ideas and experiences that live in the network of FCNL advocacy teams; possibilities that are supported by the great infrastructure that FCNL has built that supports us in doing this work.


Please reach out to our Advocacy Teams Manager, Shoshana Abrams, at shoshana@fcnl.org for more.

Shoshana Abrams

  • Advocacy Teams Manager

As FCNL’s Advocacy Teams Manager, Shoshana Abrams is responsible for deepening and expanding our Advocacy Teams program, a network of hundreds of Quakers and friends lobbying to build congressional champions for peace and justice.