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5 Ways to Bring FCNL to Your Meeting

November 14, 2016

Lifting up our shared concerns through advocacy can energize our meetings. Find out how your meeting can get involved with FCNL's work.

1. Throw a letter writing party once a month

A few well considered letters can have a profound impact on a legislator, particularly if they offer a personal story or perspective. Each month, FCNL offers information to help you write a letter to your representative.

2. Invite a Visiting Friend to your meeting

Visits by Friends are the best way to expand the conversation about FCNL within monthly meetings and churches. Host an event to introduce people new to FCNL’s work and inspire monthly meetings and churches to grow and deepen engagement with FCNL.

3. Host a study group or discussion

Gather Friends for a potluck or table during Fellowship to discuss an area of concern. Share an article ahead of time to frame your discussion. Or request copies of The World We Seek pamphlet and take each chapter a week at a time!

4. Host an advocacy workshop and lobby in-district

Meeting face to face with your members of Congress is the single most effective way to persuade them to support an issue you care about. FCNL can help guild you through the planning process and provide resources for your lobbying visit! Invite a small group of Friends who are interested in advocacy or who have a unique perspective to offer on an issue.

5. Start an FCNL Advocacy Team with your meeting

Let us help you start up an Advocacy Team! You will build an ongoing relationship with your members of Congress, grow a network of advocates in your community, and help your members of Congress become champions for peace and justice.

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