2019 Policy Revision Process

Update to “The World We Seek: Statement of Legislative Policy”

By General Committee

American society, our political order and culture have changed dramatically over the past several years. While some issues and challenges are omnipresent, others have arisen anew. We believe that Friends can play a unique role in discerning and envisioning a more peaceful, just, and inclusive world. We turn to you as we look to revise and update FCNL’s foundational policy document - The World We Seek: Statement of Legislative Policy (Policy Statement).

Revising "The World We Seek: Statement of Legislative Policy" (2019)

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The Policy Statement was last re-written in 2013 and it has served as a firm foundation, inspiring and guiding FCNL’s lobbying efforts. The revision process allows for fresh discernment of God’s leading.

We are asking Friends to exercise their prophetic imagination in a way that can guide our work and inspire our communities, and to convey to staff—and the world-- what is alive in our churches and meetings.

Note: The deadline for comments has been extended to May 6. Please schedule a time for reflecting on the Policy Statement so you can submit your comments by May 6, 2019.


General Committee

  • FCNL's Governing Body

FCNL is governed by a General Committee of approximately 180 Friends, the majority of whom have been appointed by 26 Yearly Meetings and seven national Friends' organizations.