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This legislative ask is designed to be shared with your members of Congress and their staff.

The United States isn’t facing a migration crisis—it’s facing a migration management crisis. As asylum seekers and migrants flee escalating humanitarian crises worldwide—including wars, environmental disasters, and human rights abuses—U.S. policymakers have responded by restricting the fundamental right to seek asylum, forcibly expelling families to the harmful conditions from which they fled, and forcing at-risk populations from around the globe to wait in Mexico for their immigration proceedings in the United States.

Invest in humane border reception and sustainable migration solutions

Physical barriers, drones, and an overreliance on militarized operations are inefficient and costly stopgaps for real migration management practices. Instead of continuing to funnel billions annually towards cruel enforcement and deterrence infrastructures, the United States should invest in humane, community-based migration management programs.

Congress cannot remain stalled by unproductive proposals and entrenched negotiations. It’s time for lawmakers to shift their approach and provide support and trauma-informed care for those seeking safety and navigating our complex immigration system.

In the FY 2024 Homeland Security Appropriations bill, please provide:

  • $20 million for Alternatives to Detention Case Management for asylum seekers, operated by nonprofits and refugee resettlement providers, not enforcement entities. These community-based programs provide basic human necessities such as housing, healthcare, social services, legal aid, and education. Case management is humane, effective, and cost efficient; it should be a basic program in the U.S. government’s migration system.
  • $800 million for the Shelter and Services Programs, a grant program that offers asylum seekers and migrants shelter, health services, transportation, legal and translation services, and more—fundamental aspects of migration management.