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This legislative ask is designed to be shared with your members of Congress and their staff.

Congress has a duty and moral obligation to set aside partisanship and respond to the climate crisis. In addition to the significant impact of a changing climate on the environment, the impact on those members of our society who have traditionally been marginalized—namely Black, brown, Indigenous, and lower income communities—is deeply concerning.

Publicly support legislation that puts a price on carbon.

One of the most effective tools our country can use to address the climate crisis is carbon pricing. A growing number of business leaders and policymakers see carbon pricing as the most cost-effective lever to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the scale and speed needed to avoid the worst impacts of the changing climate. Carbon pricing is also gaining increased support among members of both political parties.

We’re calling for members of Congress to publicly support carbon pricing; Specifically, to support legislation similar to the Climate Action Rebate Act of 2019. That bill sought to reduce carbon emissions by 55 percent by 2030 while directing revenue to low-income households, transition assistance, and clean energy.

The time has come for Congress to place people and the planet above partisanship. Please put public support behind a price on carbon.

To be effective, carbon pricing legislation must:

  • Contain emissions targets in line with the scientific community’s recommendations to avoid the catastrophic impacts of climate change.
  • Ensure that the costs of a carbon price are not borne by the marginalized and low-income communities.
  • Direct a portion of its revenue toward dividends for middle and low-income households.
  • Provide transition assistance for fossil fuel workers

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