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Our nation faces mounting crises of child poverty, inflation, and climate change. Expanding the Child Tax Credit (CTC) for families while investing and prioritizing clean energy solutions under the reconciliation package must be the top priority for Congress. Lawmakers cannot allow tax breaks for corporations without relief for families.

Extend the Expanded Child Tax Credit and Invest in Clean Energy and Environmental Justice.

As prices keep rising, families—especially those on the lower end of the income spectrum—have had to make difficult choices, which are exacerbated by the expiration of the expanded CTC at the end of 2021. Moody’s Analytics reports that inflation costs the average American family an additional $296 per month, nearly the same amount as the monthly expanded CTC payment for one child. By extending the expanded Child Tax Credit, Congress can provide desperately needed support to families and pull millions of children out of poverty.

At the same time, our country continues to face threats and increasing costs from climate change. Bold investments today will reap benefits for years to come. The American Clean Power Association reported remarkable growth in new clean power capacity in 2021, with Texas, California, and Oklahoma leading the way.

Congress must build on this success by including the $555 billion in investments for climate initiatives outlined in the Build Back Better Act in reconciliation legislation before allowing tax breaks for corporations. Allowing this investment will improve the lives of all Americans, begin to address the legacy of environmental racism, and re‐establish the United States as a leader in renewable energy.

Congress must extend the expanded CTC and make historic investments in clean energy and environmental justice:

  • Clean Energy and Environmental Justice Investments:
    • $200 billion: Clean electricity and transportation tax incentives
    • $160 billion: Environmental justice‐related initiatives
  • Child Tax Credit Expansion:
    • Since the expanded CTC expired at the end of 2021, 3.7 million children have fallen into poverty.
    • Studies have shown that families rely on the CTC to help them afford essential expenses.
    • With prices up 8.5% year-over-year, families need support now.
Contact: Abibat Rahman-Davies,