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Congress needs to hear your voice. Now is the time to lobby “virtually” via your home phone or computer!

FCNL has heard from advocates, lobbyists, and Capitol Hill staff that many offices have enjoyed well-organized and focused telephone or video meetings. Don’t let your inability to lobby in person hinder your ability to make your voice heard!

How to Lobby From Home

FCNL advocates and lobbyists are already meeting virtually with congressional staff, and now you can, too!

Virtual lobby meetings can be incredibly effective. Check out this resource to see how it works:

What People are Saying

Kate Sunderberg outside FCNL office
Kate Sunderberg

“I have always seen lobbying as something tangible that I can do to make a difference. During a time where it feels like everything is out of my control, organizing a virtual lobby visit with my representative’s office was something simple that I could do to take action on COVID-19 relief issues I care about.” - Kate Sundberg, Connecticut

“FCNL’s expertise and information really made our lobby visit possible. The staffers we talked to want to keep in touch, which is really great. As a group, we are planning to lobby other legislators and on other issues as well.” - Julia Rademacher-Wedd, Illinois

“I have lobbied in other ways, but now I am more confident in my ability to lobby over the phone. I think I will be doing it very frequently over the next few months.” - Ariana Riccardi, Ohio

Delco, PA Advocacy Team preparing to lobby their member of Congress online.
Delco, PA Advocacy Team preparing to lobby their member of Congress online.

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