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This legislative ask is designed to be shared with your members of Congress and their staff.

The world is facing increasing shocks from a changing climate. These impacts are particularly acute for countries in the Global South, where the impact of the climate crisis is manifesting through sea level rise, increased flooding, and intensified drought conditions.

Worsening storms and more extreme weather are compounding global instability by fueling conflicts and driving migration. If left unaddressed, these climate impacts will jeopardize the economic and political stability that is essential for peace and prosperity for all of us.
The United States, along with other industrialized nations, has publicly committed to helping these hard-hit countries strengthen their resilience to climate impacts. So far, that promise remains largely unfulfilled. We must honor those pledges.

Congress should robustly support climate assistance in the Fiscal Year 2024 State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs (SFOPs) appropriations bill, by investing:

  • $2.76 billion for direct U.S. climate assistance to help vulnerable communities:
    • strengthen their resilience to climate impacts, including severe storms, drought, decreased agricultural productivity, and increased water scarcity;
    • expand their use of renewable energy;
    • and end deforestation.
  • $5 billion for joint nation initiatives to:
    • help the most vulnerable countries adapt to climate impacts;
    • support the poorest countries in the world;
    • advance the U.S. government’s pledge to support a multi-nation environmental fund that provides resources to conserve forests, protect biodiversity, and build resilience to climate change.

As one the largest historic emitters of greenhouse gases the United States has a moral responsibility to assist nations dealing with the worst effects of the climate crisis. U.S. funding for international climate finance will help to ensure that countries in the Global South are able to build sustainable societies offering justice and opportunity for everyone.

Contact: Jus Tavcar, Program Assistant, Sustainable Energy & Environment Program,