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This legislative ask is designed to be shared with your members of Congress and their staff.

Our democracy can live up to its potential only if it ensures open access to public office and electoral processes, curbs the influence of money and corporate power, safeguards the integrity of the voting process without raising unnecessary barriers and provides full participation for disenfranchised people.

Reauthorize key sections of the Voting Rights Act which guard against voter disenfranchisement.

  • Certain states and jurisdictions are engaging in systematic voter suppression and disenfranchisement. The Voting Rights Act was a critical piece of civil rights legislation which helped to counteract these practices, which are now happening more frequently.
  • Schedule hearings to study options for new protections that were previously in place through the preclearance sections of the Voting Rights Act.
  • Excessive costs of campaigns limit people’s ability to run for elected office, and limit the diversity of ideas being considered. Legislators disproportionately hear from the wealthy because of the realities of campaign costs.
  • Restoring faith in democracy requires restoring public trust in politics and ensuring that people have a fair opportunity to participate in the political system.

FCNL Contact: José Woss,

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