Leah Muskin-Pierret

Program Assistant for Middle East Policy

Leah Muskin-Pierret

Leah Muskin-Pierret works with Kate Gould to support FCNL’s lobbying on issues of militarism and the possibilities for peace in U.S. Middle East policy. She lobbies and provides support for FCNL’s network of constituent lobbyists to promote diplomatic solutions over military action in U.S. policy towards Iran, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Israel/Palestine.

Prior to FCNL, Leah graduated from Tufts University with a bachelor's degree in American Studies and International Relations, focusing on the contemporary history of U.S. militarism at home and abroad. She has promoted peace through researching civilian protection in Syria with the Center for Civilians in Conflict, synthesizing news on U.S.-Tunisia policy at the Project on Middle East Democracy, and supporting peacebuilding programs at Search for Common Ground. She owes most of her real Middle East politics knowledge to the wise and kind people she met living and studying in Cairo, Egypt for five months in 2015.

Leah got her start in advocacy during high school when she and a fellow activist played an instrumental role in defeating a youth curfew proposal in Montgomery County, Maryland. After work hours, she continues to dedicate her time to justice work, including student and community organizing to advance an end to the occupation and a just peace in Israel/Palestine.

Outside of her political work, Leah is a voracious reader and an enthusiastic traveler.


Articles by Leah Muskin-Pierret

Background Don’t Legitimize Israeli Settlements: Reject S. 720 

Legislation in the Senate threatens to legitimize settlements in U.S. policy and suppress political criticism of Israeli settlements policy.

Update Security Leaders warn IRGC Designation Paves Path to War with Iran 

The proposal, embedded in pending Iran sanctions legislation S. 722, to designate Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps as a foreign terrorist organization, could endanger U.S. troops in Iraq, imperil efforts against the Islamic State, and put the Iran nuclear deal, and peace with Iran, on thin ice.

Update Don't Add Fuel to Fire in Syria 

Safety for Syrians and security for everyone can only be won by non-military means

With so many Syrian civilians’ lives caught in the balance between myriad military powers and militias, actors interested in peace should press for a political solution to the conflict. Congress should exercise its constitutionally ordained role in exerting oversight of the executive branch to press for a non-military path forward in Syria.

Update What We're Reading on Syria 

On the current crisis and non-military paths forward

On the sixth anniversary of the war in Syria, we recommend a reading list covering the US's militarized missteps in Syria and the diplomatic path forward to win peace.

Action Alert Broad Opposition to Friedman for Israel Ambassador 

A broad spectrum of opponents to Friedman's nomination, including Members of Congress, media, and civil society, are speaking out on Trump’s dangerous choice for U.S. Ambassador to Israel for his extreme positions.

Update Anti-Free Speech Bill Stalled; Expected to be Reintroduced 

It targets human rights activists, not hatred.

The so-called “Anti-Semitism Awareness Act” would expand the definition of Title VI protection to include political criticism of Israel, threatening free speech.

Action Alert Promote Peaceful U.S. Policy towards Yemen 

Constituent voices are needed now to stop the U.S. from fueling war in Yemen. Your voice has the power to move Congress to end U.S. complicity in this war. Take action!

FCNL in the News Stop the Saudi Slaughter 

The United Nation's recent announcement of a 72 hour truce in Yemen is a step forward, but it is not enough. To stop the bloodshed for more than three days, Washington must fully commit to cutting off weapons transfers if Saudi Arabia refuses to end its war on civilians there.